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Photo shoot with Rupert Gibson Photography

An amazing morning spent with Rupert Gibson Photography, creating a collection of pictures for the Ryder Saddles at Premier Equestrian website and social media.

You can almost feel the lushness of the leather used to make the saddles through the photographs, and the detail and craftmanship are showcased with Rupert's extraordinary attention to detail.

As well as the stunning selection of saddles, Rupert took some shots of the re flocking process- which if you have never seen, is quite something. To see a saddle some to pieces in minutes after years of being ridden in is quite a sight- and creates alot of dust!

The unstuffing and re flocking, using the best British sheep wool, and re stitching to return the saddle to its former glory is fascinating - it is is wonderful to have a photographic record of it all. And as an added bonus- a lovely Wilma portrait!

Now to the naming and filing..................................I promise to keep them in an organised fashion! #teamblue #madeintheuk #rydersaddles #equestrian #saddles

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