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Our Saddles

We are proud to supply made to measure Ryder Saddles, The Riviera is a firm favourite offering your horse the freedom and comfort they need to perform to their best. 

The Volante suits the big shouldered horse, while the Trophee is perfect of the long legged jockey who loves to feel close to their horse 

A new addition to the range is The Azzurri, built on a sport tree, it is light weight and a fabulous cross country saddle.

2024 sees the introduction of the Euro- an adjustable Ryder saddle, bringing the flexibility that many owners need to keep their saddle fitting perfectly all year round.

The range of Ryder dressage saddles has been developed to fit your horse allowing a full range of movement through the shoulders and with a variety of block and seat shapes allows you to feel part of your horse.

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