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If you are searching for the perfect saddle for you and your horse;

Call Clare 07714236765 to arrange an appointment 

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The first stage is to check your horses saddle area, noting any pre existing blemishes, tight areas or white hairs and discuss with you any issues you may have had in the past. 
Then a template is taken to establish his exact shape and ensure the saddle fits perfectly.

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Experience the ride

The ride is the most important part of your journey to the perfect new saddle. Not only must your saddle fit your horse perfectly- but it must be right for you- you need to feel safe and secure, in perfect balance, to allow your horse to perform to their best!

Chocolate with silver stitch and


With an extensive range of leathers, welts and stitch colours to chose from, you can design your saddle to your exact specification


Bridle Fitting

A fully qualified bridle fitting service, supplying Henry James Bridles 

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Regular checks

When you buy a Ryder saddle from Premier Equestrian, you join the Premier Equestrian family and  your saddle will be checked regularly to ensure the flock is maintained to perfection.



Girths and stirrup leathers are available in the same leather and stitch colour as your saddle.


Saddle health check

Clare offers a Society Master Saddlers qualified reflocking and flocking adjustment service. If your saddle is old and  the panels have become hard and lumpy, it can be rejuvenated by being reflocked. Using the finest English wool, the panels are returned to their former glory, making the saddle much more comfortable for your horse.

Saddles are what we do.jpeg

Ryder at Premier Equestrian; 
saddles are what we do

*Measuring * Templating * Fitting  *Flocking adjustments  *Re flocking

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